All of our cakes are double or triple layered, 8 or 9 inch rounds, unless specified.

Signature Carrot Cake – BEST SELLER                
Moist and oh so yummy! Loaded with carrots and nuts (no raisins) with a cream cheese frosting. GF available.
Serves 12-16     49.95

All American Chocolate Cake
Chocolate ganache filling between four layers of rich fudge cake. Frosted with a chocolate ganache. GF available.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Golden Vanilla Cake
Moist vanilla cake with a real vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting!
Serves 10-12     34.95

German Chocolate Cake – Customer Favorite!
Sweet German chocolate layered with a yummy coconut and pecan frosting.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Strawberries & Cream Cake
Fresh strawberries and whipped cream layered between delicious strawberry cake with a cream cheese frosting. (seasonal)
Serves 12-16     44.95

Key Lime Cake
A delicious moist cake with a white chocolate frosting.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Lemon Crunch Cake
Moist lemon pound cake soaked in a lemon glaze. 
Serves 10-12     24.95     Bundt 

Italian Creme Cake – Customer Favorite!     
Vanilla coconut cake layered with cream cheese frosting, shredded coconut & pecans.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Flourless Chocolate Torte
Indulge yourself in pure chocolate heaven! GF.
Serves 12     29.95     Single layer 8 inch round

Lemon Chiffon Cake
Light and tangy chiffon cake goes perfect with fresh blueberry sauce & lemon whipped cream. GF & DF available.
Serves 12-16     34.95     10 inch Tube Pan

Lemon Cloud Cake
Tangy lemon curd & lemon whipped cream layered between sweet lemon cake.  Heavenly!
Serves 10-12     34.95

Red Velvet Cake
A southern classic with a cream cheese frosting.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Coconut Cream Cake
Tender white cake with coconut layered inside. Frosted with a delicious coconut buttercream and more coconut.
Serves 10-12     34.95

White Cake
A birthday cake favorite.  Frosted with almond buttercream.
Serves 10-12     34.95

Fillings & Frostings
(For All-American Chocolate, Golden Vanilla, and White cakes only)

Chocolate Ganache
Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Peanut Butter Frosting
Salted Caramel Buttercream
Lemon Curd
Marion Blackberry
Almond Buttercream

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